Friday, September 27, 2019

Isabella Linton, strong or weak character of the novel Wuthering Essay

Isabella Linton, strong or weak character of the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte - Essay Example Her initial character weaknesses are naivety and childishness. These are manifest, later on, in her impetuous decision to marry. Of course, given her relatively tender age, eighteen at the time, these character traits are not as weak as they would be in an adult with more experience. Her experience, it must also be noted, does not extend much, if at all, beyond Thrushcross Grange. It must also be conceded that Ellen presents some positive attributes. Isabella, for instance, is naà ¯ve and a bit foolish, but she is not stupid. Quite the contrary, she has a clever wit and deep feelings. In short, Isabella is neither weak nor strong in the very beginning; however, her weaker traits, such as an infantile-like impetuousness, are dominant. These traits foreshadow a mistake in judgment. Indeed, with her marriage to Heathcliffe, this is precisely what happens. Later, when Isabella becomes infatuated with Heathcliffe, her foolishness becomes her dominant character trait to the exclusion of all other traits. Catherine teases and warns her about wanting to be with Heathcliffe. Isabella responds by stating that, â€Å"I wont be always sent off!†, and that â€Å"You are a dog in the manger, Cathy, and desire no one to be loved but yourself!† (Wuthering Heights). The facts are irrelevant for Isabella. She is jealous and desirous. Here, Isabella’s impetuous character speeds her demise and exacerbates her powerlessness. She concludes one particular rant by stating that, All, all is against me: she has blighted my single consolation. But she uttered falsehoods, didnt she? Mr. Heathcliffe is not a fiend: he has an honorable soul, and a true one, or how could he remember her?† (Wuthering Heights). It is true that Catherine is not disinterested in Heathcliffe; however, her advice and her warnings are sound and reliable. Isabella refuses to listen because she succumbs to the

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